Freitag, 11. Februar 2011

calgary again :/

in the morning we went snowboarding (like every day)...since two weeks the same park. :( ... after the action we went into a leisure center to go swimming and relaxing.

in the afternoon we had a very nice dinner in a steakhouse in the middle of the city!!!!

it was AWESOME and for the first time of my live i ate a crab...its not my favourite meal but now i know how it tastes. :)

on the road

baaaaaden :)

dinner in the steakhouse


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  1. Be safe and have fun! Crab legs are one of our favorite rungs to eat in America! The picture of your food looked delicious. Keep enjoying your time traveling and snow boarding. Christine is also blogging while she is in austria, today is the ball in Badkleinkircheim, she said she will take many pictures. I think it will be fun. Board safe!