Dienstag, 24. Januar 2012

great times

hey there,

last two weeks were great. had so much fun riding with my home-boys and spent some days with the Elan-Snowboard dudes at planai and flachauwinkel.
most of the time i enjoyed to ride the fresh pow but i also did some really nice streetspots.

here is a clip from the elan trick tip tour planai.

right now i am at innsbruck to ride a few days at penken/mayrhofen but today the weather sucked and we decided to go to schlicks...its a small resort but there is a lot of snow up there.

check a short clip.


Montag, 9. Januar 2012

O´neill Evolution Davos

hey there,

last week the O´neill Evolutions went down at Switzerland (Davos).
when i arrived there it was late night and i can´t see anything but on the next days morning i looked out of the window and i can´t believe my eyes. there was so much snow everywhere and it was still snowing.
i was looking forward to the competition but the snowfall was to heavy and the the speed wasn´t enough to hit the big jump and so they decided to do the qualifiers and semi-finals on the small (ladies jump).
i did pretty good in the qualis and so i advanced on 4th position of my heat to the semis. in between of qualification and semi-final i went up on the mountain to make some pow runs with Hiasl. i can´t remember when i had so deep powder-turns. it was AWESOME :)

in the semifinals i was pretty slow on the jump and so i decided to make the best of it and so i did a bs720 to FS blunt-switch 50-50 halfcab off. i was sure that it wouldn´t be enough to reach the finals but i think it was the best for me and so i got the 29th place.

here are some impressions from davos.

Hiasl got some powpow


every morning the same-get the car out of the snow

flying over davos